Hi! My name is Matthias Wunderl
and this is my portfolio site.

Here you will see a collection of my works from
3Ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash
and Unity to name a few.


It could take some time to load the images, games or 3d Models!

2D Art

In this section you will see some of my Works that i made with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Top Down Map "Forest" | Created with: Photoshop

Top Down Map "Desert" | Created with: Photoshop

Top Down Map "Castle" | Created with: Photoshop

Concept Art "Future" | Created with: Photoshop

Scenery "Mystical Forest" | Created with: Photoshop

Wallpaper "Chemistry Glass" | Created with: Illustrator

3D Art

Here are some of my Works made in Autodesk 3Ds Max.

Futuristic Crossbow | Made in: 3ds Max

Wooden Box 1 | Made in: 3ds Max

Dagger | Made in: 3ds Max

Medieval Axe | Made in: 3ds Max

Medieval Shield | Made in: 3ds Max

Spaceship | Made in: 3ds Max


Some of the games that i or with the help of another Person created in Adobe Flash, Unity and Unreal.

Flappy Bird Reborn | Flash

Underwater Laboratory | Unreal

Tower Defense Game | Flash

Platform Ball Game | Unity

About Me

Hi im Matthias Wunderl, i'm 19 and recently graduated from the University of Bradford..


You can contact me at my E-Mail matthiaswunderl@gmx.de.
Furthermore i'm also reachable at my Facebook or Twitter Account.